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Informacja z sekretariatu Instytutu PiP:

Short Introduction
The Bern Nursing College ? Centre of Higher Education in Nursing
In 2007 various renowned Schools of Nursing of the Canton of Berne consolidated to the modern, innovative
college. Currently the college counts 1300 students, 200 teachers and more than 400 specialized instructors.
Besides the important focus on practical use within the dual vocational training system in Switzerland, the
college pays special regard to the promotion of socio-cultural competence.
Vocational training
The college provides basic education in diverse profiles and various programs of continuation studies and
specialisation. From the fall term 2010 on, the possibility of an international student exchange in the 3rd year
will be implemented in the new version of the curriculum. Parallel to the build-up of the new curriculum the
old one is phased down. The Bern Nursing College provides international student exchange since 2001 with
great success and interest from the students. Our Erasmus-Code is CH-Bern-13.
The Student Exchange
We offer two types of Exchange to our students: A two weeks lasting Short-Term-Exchange and a 3 months
lasting Long-Term-Exchange.
The students will stay abroad for a two weeks lasting observational internship. They do not have any
operational competence and are accompanying a nurse in her daily work. They should work max. 6h/day,
30h/week at the ward.
During the Long-Term-Exchange the students stay for three months in a care facility in the host country. The
students have operational competence and are allowed to assume nursing acts according to their
qualifications. They are to be appointed at the ward three days per week. For two further days they will treat
tasks of academic nature, assigned, attended and controlled by the college.
If you are interested in return in the Bern Nursing College or one of its more than 400 partners in the
practical area, we will be glad to present you our diverse, professional attended offers for guest students.
Relevance for the host
Time and effort: be open, to welcome, attendance of the guest students, ask and evaluate reflecting
questions. For this a contact person has to be provided. This person can execute his/her usual duties. From
experience the additional time expenditure of time adds up to half a day for the Short-Term-Exchange and
one day for the Long-Term-Exchange.
Profit: The students are in their last year and thanks to the focus on practical training during their studies
they possess remarkable experience. The host institution has an additional well-trained labour. International
Students will bring to their host institution new valuable aspects and perspectives and make the institution by
its cultural diversity an interesting employer.
We are convinced that an international student exchange offers precious experience to all parties, and does
not only promote the professional and socio-cultural competence.
We hope that we have aroused your interest in cooperation with the Bern Nursing College, especially for the
student exchange.
We would be glad of a positive answer and we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us for
further information.